The Game to take on Jay-Z
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THE GAME has said he is getting ready for a showdown with Jay-Z.

The rapper said he is gearing up for a "never-ending" battle after Jay-Z reportedly insulted him during a recent radio interview with Tim Westwood.

Speaking to MTV, he said: "I ain't lost a rap beef to date, and when I say rap beef, I mean rap beef. I ain't talking about no guns or shoot-outs or fighting. I'm just saying, this is hip-hop. It's a competition. We men. It's like football or basketball. It's competitive.

"I'm probably the only rapper in this world besides Nas that's really not scared to go at this dude's neck. He knows if he goes to war with me, then it's going to be never-ending, man."

He added: "Jay's problem is that some people just don't want to get old. He got a problem like my dad got that problem. My dad, he just still trying to be young, like, rockin' fitted caps, and I'm like, 'Pops, you 60. You gotta chill'. Jay got that problem.

"He don't want to get old. It's cool to get old. But a lot of people have that problem, especially when they don't have children. But he don't got no children. I don't know what's up with that. Maybe he ain't fertile."

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